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501 and Gnikes…whoaaaa

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I keep a fresh pair of Gnikes, 501 up on my ass lil mama what it be like…whoooa
if yall smell something stanky yeeeeeeeaaaa i be the shit bitch


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Black Folks are too fast to catch swine flu….according to this

(via Erika )

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Trillest, Realest, ILLest

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My homies Casa Loco Ny made a list of there top mc’s and a pretty good one and i was thinking of some of mine and shit…
with a few exceptions…

* Biggie, tupac, Jayz, Nas dont count on a list to me….i think everyone has them on there list for whatever reason, I dont care some of them but whatever
i would ask people there list and they would be like “biggie…jayz…umm idk who else” smh i would be like damn do people know of people besides these niggas

*Gucci mane and Oj the juiceman is the most trill and coming the hardest on some ignant shit right now and ive been listen over the past few years but i didnt put him on my list for all the people that just assumed lol i think its already understood im fucking with gucci and juice

*Lil wayne i know he claims the best rapper alive title and hes on peoples list of being that, i have been a wayne fan during the block is hot baller blockin era and he went the hardest during his SQAD UP era and the last mixtape i can really vouch for is that LIL WEEZY ANA but beside that i dont know what shit he on now

*This isnt a LIST in order…its just a random order pretty much…the names of everyone is at the bottom in the order the pics go down


Project Pat
ANYBODY IN DUNGEON FAMILY (3000, Big boi, Gip etc.)
Killa Cam

i’ll drop reasons for whoever on the list mutha fuckas , i missed out on people it was done spur of the moment so if you feel theres someone thats suppose to be on there voice your thoughts and i’ll debate why who ever is suppose to not be or be on that bitch

gel n weave

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just like dat!!!

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