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Creepin on ah come up

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Yeah, ya’ll know this nigga from flicks saying that wild ass shit like “Grab my dick at the bottom, GRAB MY DICK AT THE BOTTOM, now stab her pussy with it! Stab her pussy with my dick” and “You ain’t gon’ deepthroat it, stop tryin’, stop tryin you ain’t gon’ deepthroat it” Nigga a straigh goon that does flicks and it’s HILARIOUS but did YOU KNOW that my mans raps though? If you didn’t below is one of his cuts. Peep the AMAZING, SHINY ASS ZOOT SUITS he’s wearing though *faints*



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Click the image to TRULY understand that we not playing with ya’ll mothafuckas

We getting to the monney out here!

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Max B Moment ~~Free The Wave~~

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Peep The Wave

Via GxxdGxxn

Slip and Slide

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*bonus* Not sliding just colliding

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