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Nigga, Please

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Keep it movin’…

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Blesssing you girl

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just in time for you to get Easter Fresh ma

Via Anyus

Fuck your Concords!!!

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Fit’nin to hit the scene with these and show ya’ll fuck boys and girls what stunting REALLY means!

No Amusement

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Bruh we posted not giving a fuck, Not Amused


Imnotatoy and SDTW present Du-Rag Rap Vol. 2

Posted in 2k11shit, 90s fave, act a donkey, all star, bang bang bang bang bang, BASED., BEASTMODE, BOUT 2 GET SHIIITTTYY on November 29, 2011 by TheNameIsJerald

Back like we left our du-rags and wave grease. Once again goons and goonettes, Imnotatoy and Super Duty Tough Work have linked up to compile an UNMIXED mix to fasten you du-rags to. A little something, something to let that du-rag cape flow on your superhero shit. So before you download, be sure to hit up your local Asian owned beauty supply store for that 2 for 1 du-rag special.

Peep the track listing below

Du-Rag Rap Vol. 2

And just in case you missed the original Du-Rag Rap Vol. 1, it’s still available for download also:
Du-Rag Rap Vol.1

Also be on the lookout for “Stick Up Kid Rap Vol.1” A Imnotatoy, SDTW and Victory-Light collaboration. Straight East coast flava.

We In Yo Hood

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thx REAL

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