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Best Sanga ALIVE

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This kid is bound to be mentioned with the likes of Stevie Wonder, Eddie Kendricks, Marvin Gaye, Donnell Jones, Case, R.Kelly and other R&B titans. His credentials are as followed: Trained Earth, Wind and Fire how to sing, penned Alicia Keys first 2 albums, wrote all of Curtis Mayfield’s albums, helped Marriah Carey master her very high singing octaves. Just peep the videos below to understand the raw talent

1000 PushUps

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Screen Shot 2013-10-13 at 11.22.18 PM

No one gives a fuck about me

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Coming To a Theather Near YOU

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Ha! “K dot” got the internet going nuts like Paul Wall back in 2004 and shit over his “I’m the King Of New York” line, but nonetheless, it’s good for Rap/Hip-Hop. We need some lyrical sparring on this new frontier of the genre


Forgot About Dre?

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“looks like they photoshopped him into a picture with some real niggas”





Hard on deez hoez

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What a historic display…

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My mans caught a grenade blast to the chest and still didn’t stay down for the 3 count.

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