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No pad, No pencil

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Man, I don’t even gotta say too much about this classic shit right here. Just sit back and watch.

THIS nigga right chea

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This cat really stole a car because Beyonce was playing in the whip. It get no realer than that…..


Coming To a Theather Near YOU

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Ha! “K dot” got the internet going nuts like Paul Wall back in 2004 and shit over his “I’m the King Of New York” line, but nonetheless, it’s good for Rap/Hip-Hop. We need some lyrical sparring on this new frontier of the genre


Mike Donalds

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So my mans called 911 because he ordered 7 “Mike doubles” but REALLY got ONLY 6 “Mike doubles”. I ain’t mad at him doe but peep his Ronald “Mike” Donald inspired suit for his post interview


The Adventures of Dru Down

Posted in act a donkey, BASED., BIIIIIIIIITCH, BOUT 2 GET SHIIITTTYY, Classick, colder dina polar bear's toenail, dats dat shitt.., FEAR-less, Guud Lawd with tags , , on August 9, 2013 by TheNameIsJerald

Too many fucking quotable lines for my brain to process

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