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don’t make me hop up out this pretty bitch and take a twit pic

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CyberGoths Bang Bang Bang!

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Prolific Moves thru the roof

But we didn’t forget about the OG triple OG Techno VIking Banging on niggas since since since

Via @callenderthinks


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via @callenderthinks

Now that I got me some Seagram’s Gin…

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First things first. I don’t like Gin personally, BUT! Ya’ dawg loves du-rags! I’m a du-rag connoisseur and all of us at Imnotatoy are du-rag enthusiast. I got my hands on a very rare Seagrams Gin du-rag.Suprisingly the du-rag comes with a decent sized cape that you can let flow in the wind on your superhero shit. Seagrams obviously knows what’s going on in our communities. Who doesn’t prefer to wear a du-rag while drinking hard liquor?!?! Can’t wait til’ I hit the club with this one. Holla!

yea but i had to tie my shoe tho

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Freak’eee in my Dashiki.

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I’m wearing Dashiki’s, getting 10 times mo’ freaky. Holla!

play me some pimpin mane

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